The Benefits of Ranking YouTube Videos in Google

The Benefits of Ranking YouTube Videos in Google

Youtube_se0-2YouTube has become extremely popular within the last couple of years. It is the 3rd most popular website on the net, with more than two billion unique views a day. YouTube is now used as an advertising mode by most of the shrewd marketers in the world. It is completely free to advertise and is able to attract highly targeted traffic to your product or service. Anyone can upload videos to YouTube by registering with them for a free account. An entertaining video can be used as an advertising tool by a clever marketer. Ranking YouTube videos on Google or other search engines have numerous benefits to the aspiring marketer. This article will highlight some of the most important benefits of ranking YouTube videos on Google.

1. A well ranked YouTube video can bring in a great source of traffic to your offer. If the video is interesting the visitors will share the video with their friends and family, which would help the video to spread like wildfire. This again will increase the traffic to your offer in leaps and bounds. As you already know, targeted traffic means profits for your business.

2. A well ranked YouTube video will capture the attention of the viewers than a text based webpage. People love to watch videos than read pages and pages of information on the web. One entertaining video can attract a thousand times more traffic than a website that has a dozen of pages. A high ranking video will get much more exposure than a website that is ranking on a similar position.

3. There are an estimated 60 million unique visitors viewing YouTube videos every month. A YouTube video which is ranked highly, has the best opportunity to spread your business message among millions of visitors with potential of becoming prospective customers. Its reach is far more comprehensive than regular cable and television stations.

4. YouTube videos have the advantage of easily embedding them on webpages, websites and other social network sites. When some one view your video, if he or she finds it interesting, it will be shared with friends, family and co-workers. This can create a massive viral effect for your video.

5. YouTube is owned by Google, and YouTube videos would rank high naturally on Google. The experienced marker can get a YouTube video ranked high on Google quite easily with a few search engine optimization techniques. Any shrewd marketer can take advantage of this situation to market their products or services using YouTube and Google.

6. Easy accessibility is another important factor of using YouTube videos for promoting a business. YouTube is accessible worldwide and on different devices such as laptops, PCs, mobiles, tablets and smart phones. This worldwide accessibility makes YouTube videos one of the most effective marketing tools available today.

Advertising with YouTube is a win-win situation for the advertiser and the client. An entertaining video with less sales hype can bring in instant traffic and higher returns for your business.

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