Mobile Optimized Sites

Mobile Optimized Sites

dreamstime_s_33583777If you are in a public area such as a train station or doctor’s office, chances are you will see people around you browsing the Internet on their mobile device. Due to technological advances of the past few years, more people use smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices to access the web versus using laptops, notebooks or desktop computers. These rapid changes in how consumers access the Internet has led website owners to consider making their websites optimized for mobile devices so web users can have a great browsing experience while visiting their sites. There are several other benefits that website owners should consider when choosing to optimize their websites for mobile use.

Mobile Websites Provide Optimal Downloading Speeds

Traditional websites are designed to be downloaded on laptops and desktops which mean they do not load as quickly on mobile devices. This can cause website owners to lose potential customers because of the slow downloading speed.

A mobile website is designed to load quickly on a mobile device. The faster download helps to encourage a consumer to spend time on the website and less time waiting for the website to load.

Mobile Websites Allow Users To Use Mobile Friendly Features

Users of mobile devices can use features such as mapping and click to call. These features are especially beneficial for businesses that want to attract local customers. Visitors to mobile websites are able to locate local businesses through GPS technology that will help to connect visitors to your website when their phones are located in close proximity to the business.

Mobile Websites Will Have Improved Mobile SEO

Whether or not website owners want to admit it, they are dependent on Google if they want to rank high in the search engine results and get an increase in traffic as a result. Google prefers if website owners make their mobile websites responsive, but if not, then website owners can choose to create a different HTML website specifically for mobile users. This option will help increase the site’s chances of ranking well in Google mobile search.

Mobile Websites Allow You To Have An Advantage Over Your Competitors

Although many website owners also have mobile optimized sites, there is still a vast majority of website owners who have not utilized this technology. Certain industries are more advanced than other industries in regards to mobile sites. You can check your competitor’s websites and see if they are optimized for mobile users. This will give you the information that you need so you can make your mobile site more competitive.

Mobile Sites Will Increase The Amount Of Time A Visitor Stays On The Website

As discussed earlier, a website that takes too long to download can lose potential customers and sales. Time is a very important factor online. You only have a brief amount of time to capture the attention of your visitors, and this is even more important for visitors who access your website through mobile devices. Websites that have user friendly mobile pages and interesting content, have a higher chance of converting visitors into paying customers.

Having a mobile optimized website is important if you want to be able to compete in your industry. There are many benefits of having one of these sites, and a mobile site will allow your business to stay ahead of the competition.

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