Why Local Business’ Need to Rank in Google Maps

Why Local Business’ Need to Rank in Google Maps

google-places-listing-serviceMost businesses with online presence these days are so obsessed with ranking on Google’s first page that they seem to overlook some other very lucrative options.

Take for example Google maps, many do not even know that you can rank on Google maps, and most do not understand the importance of doing so. This article will discuss the use of Google maps as a marketing tool and why it can be such a boost to your business.

Google maps allows you to show your business’s location directly on Google maps. People will be able to see your business and get directions to it directly on their computer, tablet, or cellphone. This alone will help your business since you won’t loose customers due to their getting lost or because they wrote down the wrong address. It is even possible to use the street view in order to see the actual building where your business is located.

The benefits, however, go far beyond just directions. Customers can read and write reviews of your company directly on Google maps. We all know that having good reviews in an easy to reach spot is great for business.

Another benefit is that Google maps allows you to place all kinds of information about your business, you can place photos and videos directly in the listing. You can include your business hours and the payment methods that you accept. You even have the option to include coupons and special offers. Besides the obvious benefits all of these things will also boost the confidence that potential customers will feel towards your business.

Your business’s presence will be available online at all times. The increased use of the internet — and especially the increased use of smartphones — in order to find businesses is an incredible incentive for anyone to try and get their business ranking on Google Maps.

Another nice benefit is that if you have a website a good ranking in Google Maps will lead to more traffic to your site. Your Google Maps ranking seems to even increase the ranking of your actual website with Google. Even though it can increase your traffic your Google Maps ranking has little to do with your website. The fact is that many businesses that are present on Google Maps do not even have a website.

More and more people are starting to rely on Google Maps in order to find local businesses. The number of people that use the service will surely increase as it becomes more and more efficient.

Even people who do not use Google Maps, however, may come across your listing. Surely you have noticed that sometimes while you are searching for something on Google, Google Maps comes up at the top of the search with a number of businesses highlighted. Imagine having your image on the front page for a potential customer that is searching in your area. Google Maps alone is capable of doing just that!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today with your Google Maps ranking!

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